Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emergency Knitting

There are a few things that I try never to leave the house without -- my cell phone, my purse, my ipod, and my knitting. What if, horror of horrors, I was stuck in traffic or had car trouble and had no knitting with me? What would I do to pass the time? What would I do to calm my nerves? I know - I have become obsessed.

Tonight, on my way home, my obsession served me well. My car, apparently a nail magnet given the number of flat tires I've had since buying it, picked up a large chunk of metal in one of the tires. I heard it thumping and pulled over on the interstate but there was no flat tire. I got back in my car and drove a bit further. The thumping got worse and worse until I saw something out of my rearview mirror fly out from under my car. Then I heard it - a sickening pssssssss thud thud thud thud. I pulled over again and, yep, my tire had turned into a pancake.

I called AAA and settled in with my knitting. That comforting click-slide-click of the needles made those 20 minutes of wait time fly by. Before I knew it, the service truck was there. This very nice man had my tire changed in under an hour. As he was packing his gear to leave, I hopped in my car to drive away. . .click . . .click click click . . .deader than a doornail. My hazard lights had drained my battery. Luckily, the gentleman had not left yet. With a smile, he jumped my car and sent me on my way - wishing me a good evening. AAA Man, you are my hero!

So, there you have it. In addition to a AAA card, spare tire, flashlight, and cell phone, emergency knitting should be considered essential equipment for every car.


magnoliasntea said...

Big cheers for AAA and knitting!
You're not obsessed.
You're thoughtfully prepared.
We should all give your story some thought and prepare likewise. ;)

Thank the Lord for the good sense you employed in having the AAA membership, etc and that you didn't have an accident when the tire went.

cinnamongirl93 said...

We think alike. I live in nothern Illinois. We tend to get a lot of snow. During the winter months I never leave home with out a project bag. What if I got snowed in at work or got stuck in the snow on the road? Now that the spring is here I have been sluffing off on a take along project.
I'm glad to hear that all went well!

magnoliasntea said...

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