Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer = Family Time (and a little knitting)

Greetings from Gulf Shores:

Dad's always such a good sport. There's no way I'd let them bury me in the sand:

So glad G & P joined us this year. It was our first beach vacation with them since I was a kid:

3 generations - G, Me, and D1&2:
G and D1 at Stacey's Rexall Drugstore in Foley, AL - opened in 1923 - full service soda fountain - we went back for more a few days later:

Oh, and, as luck would have it, look at what was delivered while we were away:

Yes, those are the swimsuits we were supposed to take with us. Thank goodness that Gulf Shores has a Wally World!
I did manage to do a little knitting here and there. My After Dark Robe has been out of hibernation for about a month. The back is done and I am almost finished with the front left side:

When I couldn't stand another minute of stockinette, I started the Swirl Shawl out of some Koigu sock yarn I bought with a birthday gift certificate a while back. These little medallions are rather addictive once you start on them - kind of like "potato chip" knitting as Gigi and Jasmin like to say.

And finally, I added to my dishrag cotton stash. How could I be expected to resist colorways named Fiesta and Gumdrop? And what better souvenir could I ask for?


Elle said...

Glad you're back home safe and sound and looks like a good time was had by all!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time! I loved all of the water photo's!

the little owl said...

I am also working on the swirl shawl, but seem to have lost steam... how do you keep going?! :) Beautiful yarn, by the way. I love Koigu.