Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 - What a year!

January is coming to a close and I'm still looking back over the last year.  2012 was quite a year for my family.  We had several surgeries and were blessed with quick recoveries. 
We had some natural disasters:
Tornado touched down in Kingston Springs
(no one injured!)

Massive hailstorm in Louisville
(driveway at my parents' house - everything covered with shredded leaves, but, again, no one was injured)

And there was some traveling:
Larry and I celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary
in beautiful New Orleans (first visit for both of us)

Went to my 2nd Stitches South in Atlanta with a newbie, took a great finishing class, and got hooked on drop spindling.  (And we're going again this year!)
Then, of course, the annual trip to Louisville to work at the Kentucky Derby -- 5th year in a row.

Trip to Vegas with girlfriends (another first for me)

Vacationing in Florida with Larry, the girls and my dad


Then the annual family reunion in Gatlinburg -- always nice to spend time with my folks and my brothers' families.

Visited my old high school with my youngest daughter -- tripping down Nostalgia Lane


Visited Roberts Family Farm with my mom, daughter and nephew and got the chance to get to know some of my cousins a little more. 

And lots of crafty goodness:

I went to a class on angora bunnies and 2 months later became a bunny mama.

I gave weaving a try (definitely need practice)

Was lured into a new craft by some pretty drop-spindles
Did a bit of destashing (inherited all of this from a friend whose knitter mother passed away)

And knit...knit...knit...

My BFF and I dipped our toes into the world of craft fairs.  TONS of fun!

And, finally, I launched a podcast (something I'd considered for a long time)

And this year holds much promise for more fun times.  I wish you all the best in 2013!