Sunday, January 24, 2016

Emerging from the Darkness

I know many of us fade into the woodwork after the hustle and bustle (and STRESS) of the holiday season.  I call it "going dark" and it happens to me every year.  Actually, darkness begins to fall on me right after Thanksgiving.  I have recognized it as self-imposed stress over trying to meet everyone's expectations for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  This year, that, combined with a full-time job that just didn't slow down at all over the holidays, and I've just wanted to crawl into a cave and hibernate since New Year's Day.

BUT...I got to spend a long weekend with my best friend and her husband at Pensacola Beach last week, and this week we had record snowfall in the Nashville area (essentially closing down the city).  I've had some quality down-time and finally feel rested.  I even picked up the knitting needles and made some small projects.

1 hat for me (that's sand in Florida, not snow in Tennessee):

2 dog sweaters this weekend:

Tina, the Tiny Terror of Tennessee (she's always cold)

Sammy, the Super Model

1 small chemo cap to send to Vanderbilt (in progress):

And, as soon as I (a) find my long cables for my interchangeable needles or (b) can make it to my favorite LYS, Ewe & Company, to buy the needles I need, I am going to cast on the Boxy.  I've loved this pattern since I first laid eyes on it.  I have some Cascade Heritage Handpaint sock yarn in shades of red that I think will be gorgeous in this.

I even brought Grazynka out of hibernation.  Would you just look at all of that unspun fiber?

Today, I feel like a light has come on.  My perspective has changed, and I'm ready to accomplish some things.  First on the list - the mountain of laundry.

See you soon.  I'll leave the light on.