Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Knit Challenge

I love hand knit socks. I can't say that I love to knit them though. Oh, I get all excited casting on the first one...I repeat, "the first one". However the project loses all of its luster by the time I've slogged through the foot and finished off the toe. I have yet to find a cure for Second Sock Syndrome, although I find that wearing the first sock while I work on the second seems to spur me on...somewhat.

So maybe you will understand when I tell you that my knitting goal for 2011, and yes I've only made one goal, is to knit 12 pairs of socks this year. I signed up for the 12 pair challenge with the Stash and Burn group in Ravelry. I already have a bit (a lot) of sock yarn in my stash (who doesn't?), so I'm ready to go!

What are your knitting goals for 2011?


Chasity said...

Have you tried the 2 At A Time Socks? Melissa Morgan-Oakes has out a book. I took her class as well - very cool ... and when you're done, you're really done
(with the PAIR).

magnoliasntea said...

Wow, that's an impressive goal, wish you well - and I recommend Silver's tutorial for two socks-toe-up on one circular, magicloop. I love magicloop! It's the only way to stamp out sss for good. Lol.

Donna said...

I have set a similar goal. I am going to try to knit at least 6 pair this year! I love hand knit socks, but I am not terribly good at it.

Elle said...

I agree with Donna's comment. I had told myself I would do 6 pair this year, I don't think I can manage 12, but I'll work along with you if you like. My method is to work on both socks at the same time with 2 different sets of needles. I do 10 rows on one sock and then 10 rows on the second sock. That seems to work for me. But good luck with your goal, I'll be there on Thursdays to encourage you!!