Monday, January 03, 2011

Long Weekend = Lazy Times and FO#1 for 2011

(OK you non-knitters -- FO means Finished Object in the knitting world, so get your minds out of the gutter and remember that this is a knitting blog.)

I've spent most of this long weekend doing nothing that I had planned, but pretty much what I wanted. I did not put away the Christmas decorations. I did not follow my Weight Watchers program. I did not catch up laundry. I did not clean out my closet. I did not organize any part of the chaos that I call my house.

I did, however, watch lots of TV with my girls and my husband - including an all day marathon of Angel today, thanks to Netflix.

(OK, so this one wasn't my husband's first choice, but we girls get control of the remote on occasion.)

Back on track now...what else did I do this weekend? I did pick up my kid from her New Years' Eve sleepover. I did go to church and take my girls shopping (briefly). I did work 8 hours on Sunday (that wasn't on my "want" list, but extra $ is always a good thing). I did spend 2 whole days in my pjs. I did take a couple of naps. I did eat too much and too many good things. I did catch up on blog reading. I did revamp my own blog. And I did cast on and complete my first knitting project of 2011, take two on my Christmas weekend project, Duffers felted slippers.

Time to put up my feet and work on the next project. (In truth, I started it on New Years Day too - sock pair #1 of the 12 Pair Challenge.

What did y'all do (or not do) with your long weekend?


Elle said...

I love the new look on your blog. After I was done reading I realized it had a color theme to Your favorite color in your wardrobe. Funny how we stick to things like that. Love your slippers, I may have to go check out that pattern too. Are you going to count baby booties in your 12 socks or are these 12 socks for you? good luck in your endeavor and sounds like you had a lovely holiday weekend.

Christina said...

Ok....I did drive back from Michigan on Saturday, but other than that...I spun, plied, wove and did nothing in the house. Love it. Love the new look. Looking forward to hearing about the socks. When will we actually see you again?

LeAnn said...

Christina - I was at the Haus last Thursday and plan on going again this Thursday. When will you be back?