Saturday, October 11, 2008

Impractical and practical projects

Here's what I made the other night when I was up until 1:45 a.m. Like I said, it's totally impratical, but it was fun to make.

I have made some practical items recently though. This is sock #1 to the Crusoe socks from Knitty. I realize that this project, too, is totally impractical if I never finish the second one. If only I could find that second skein of yarn . . .

I also made a Scribble Lace scarf for my friend's birthday. This is the first time I've used mohair and it is just heaven on the skin! I can't believe how warm this stuff is.

Then, here's a scarf I made for myself a few weeks ago using Liesel as a guide. I didn't want such a wide scarf, so I did just one pattern instead of the 2 repeats it called for. I just love leaves, don't you?

Finally, I hit a bit of knitting disaster tonight. I was chugging along on my Go Big Blue baby sweater for my nephew when I realized I had totally screwed up about 4 rows back. I just didn't have the patience to frog it tonight, so into the timeout bag it went. Grrr!

I have to finish it, though. Won't he just be adorable in it, with those big blue eyes?


Elle said...

Laptop is finally working again. I am now caught up on your blog and all the goodies you've added. I LOVE the pumpkin bag. You really are very creative! Congrats on the goodies you won too, very cool.

magnoliasntea said...

Your pumpkin bag is adorable! I can see why you were up in the wee hours with it; I would be,too..too cute! Love the header, too.

You've really been knitting up a storm. Love the scribble scarf!
Hope you find the other skein of sock yarn. :)