Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two New Loves

Yes, I took the plunge into spinning.  I tried this once last year with a drop spindle I bought with merchandise credit from working a booth at Stitches South.  I made some lumpy, bumpy, ugly, rope-like substance that would never pass for yarn.  Well...Purdy Thangz did a brief drop spindle demo last Saturday evening, and I was hooked.  It helped that she was selling some beautiful stone whorl spindles and happened to have one in my favorite colors -- sunset colors.  I simply HAD to have it.  I bought that and some silk hankies and was back at the hotel with my traveling companion and newbie spinner, Donna, spinning away.

My second new love is a ball winder!  I am so excited about this!  My long-time knitting pal tnknitter (and my fiber guru), heard me say on my podcast that I still wound yarn on a nostepinne and how much I HATED winding yarn.  She surprised me on knit night this week with a shiny new ball winder.  I tried it out tonight and knocked out a hank of yarn in under a minute!  So exciting!!!!!

TNknitter also gave me some fiber in sunset colors (again, my fav), that she bought me to teach me to spin.  She just decided to go ahead and give it to me since I started spinning without her.  THANK YOU!


Christina said...

You're spinning looked great. Enjoy!!

magnoliasntea said...

You're doing great! I love the yarn. Don't be too critical of the thick spots. They look great in some patterns. Have a great week!