Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simplify 2008 - The Results

So, how've I done in my decluttering this year? I've kept a record and I think it's a good start, although I still have a long way to go. You can see that I kind of lost momentum toward the end of the year. (And we won't even talk about the weight loss attempt.) But progress is progress, and, with the excesses of the Christmas season behind me, I'm ready to resume the decluttering process. While I don't know that I'm ready to go as far as this fellow, I do dream about being unfettered by STUFF. Wish me luck!

10 bags
18 boxes
18 books
25 VHS tapes
2 items of furniture
2 jars of coins


2 leaf bags of clothes/stuff and 2 boxes of dishes/ornaments to Goodwill
5 pounds


3 leaf bags of clothes and toys (includes 10 pr. shoes, 3 purses, 6 pr. pjs) and 18 books to Goodwill
1 pound


Not much success decluttering
Gained and lost the same pounds


2 leaf bags and 1 box of clothes, books, and toys to Goodwill


1 leaf bag of clothes and 1 box of dishes to Goodwill
4 pounds


2 leaf bag of clothes, 2 box of dishes/toys 2 bags of VHS tapes to Goodwill

4 boxes of household items, 1 shelf unit, 1 wicker trunk to Goodwill


4 boxes of household items, kids' clothes/shoes, kids' stuff to Goodwill
1 rusty old swingset that had outlived its usefulness
5 VHS tapes
2 jars of coins to Coinstar


4 boxes of warm clothing items for Wheelwright mission project

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