Friday, July 21, 2006


I'm new to this whole "blog thing" so please bear with me. I have been knitting for several years, but still just have the basics down. I'm ready to start on a few more complicated projects. (By complicated, I only mean something other than squares and rectangles.) :)


Unknown said...

Welcome to the knitting blog world!!

DogwoodDiva said...

Hey there Burl! This here's Shirl, and I have no idea what to talk about on these here blog spots. Back home in the holler, we didn't have such things. We just stuck our heads out the winder and yelled at each other if we had something to say. But we are in the big city now, so I guess I'll have to contribute something to this here blog. I took up knitting myself last year, thanks to you and I'm a real idiot savant at that stuff. I knit backwards and drive my friends and kinfolk crazy. I also have to use my legs and belly flab to hold my needle. Its very complicated, but according to some websites, its considered CONTINENTAL. Don't that sound classy? Well, the weather is turning cold, so its time to break out the knitting again. I don't knit in warm weather. So you can't say I'm a fair weather knitter. Well, best of luck on this here blog spot. Hope its a hit. Love, Shirl

JCR said...


I didn't know you had your own blog! A skilled knitter like yourself shouldn't be so modest about her abilities. I've heard rumors of some fabulous "cozies" that you and your knitting cohorts have mastered. I'm looking forward to mine this Christmas!!

Your Brother