Sunday, April 01, 2012

Just Because They're Pretty...

Looky at what I found at Goodwill:

It always make me a little sad to see something abandoned there that someone had put so much love and time into. I bought these for $1 each, have washed them, and will take them to Atlanta to the donation box at Stitches South this month for Halos of Hope.

And, speaking of Stitches South, this is the project I started for last year's event. didn't make it. I am happy to announce that it will make this year's show. Almost done!

Then there are the French Press Slippers which I just finished today...finished seaming and felting, that is. I still need to sew on the band and button across the toe. These things took forever to felt in my new high efficiency (???) washer. Took 4 cycles!

And here's another Wingspan that I'm going to send to my doctor for taking such good care of me. :)

Then there are these preemie hats that I've been cranking out since last weekend for a KAL that the Knitting Brooklyn podcast is promoting.

And just because it's pretty:

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