Thursday, March 01, 2012

So far...

2012 is flying by, isn't it? I'm sure it's like this for everyone. With celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (went to New Orleans for the first time -- must go back!), work, kids'schedules, unexpected family "adventures", and life in general, everything gets caught up in the whirlwind and becomes a big blur. I love January 1, because I force myself to slow down, look back on the previous months, and plan or just dream about the months ahead. My last post was January 1 and I am just now revisiting the goals I posted then to 1) remind myself of what they were and 2) to see how I've done so far. So, here's where I stand...

  • Spend much more time in 2012 at my two favorite LYS's knitting with new and old friends: Ewe & Company and Haus of Yarn

    Gee, this has been a tough one! OK, not really.

    Haus of Yarn
    - Sadly, I've only been able to spend a couple of sessions there so far. The shop is in Nashville, between work and home (40 minute drive), and I can only make it there on Thursday nights. The schedule has been a bit packed with 3 surgeries in the family already this year (2 that were unexpected), the doctors' appointments and travel that those brought, and working late to prepare for being off of work.

    Ewe & Company
    - I am happy to say that I have been able to spend more time at my local-est (is that a word?) LYS. The shop is only 15 minutes from my house, so I am able to go on the weekends. I spent some time there on New Year's Eve. I attended my first PJ party last month and had great fun. I've been able to meet the Saturday breakfast group at our local coffee shop, Red Tree Coffee, a few times. And for my first post-op trip out of the house (yes, 1 of the unexpected surgeries was mine), my husband drove me in for Thursday night knitting group.

  • Return to Atlanta for Stitches South

    My knitting friend and Stitches roomie from last year, Liana, decided to sit this one out this year. She's attended the event the last three years, so I understand. I had decided not to go, having so much on the calendar already, when another knitting friend, Donna, said that she'd like to go this year and asked if I was interested. It took me all of 10 seconds to say "YES!" and off I went to book the hotel.

  • Escape for at least 1 knitting retreat with my good friend TNknitter

    We've been kicking around some ideas, but have not settled on anything yet. There's still lots of time left.

  • Give weaving and spinning a fair chance, zilch, nil, nada

  • Do more fund-raising knitting - so much fun to knit with a purpose

    I have one more scarf to knit for a fund-raiser. Other than that, I've knocked out 6 chemo caps for Halos of Hope in the last couple of weeks. Check out their Soothe for Spring campaign, running through April. I've also pledged a preemie cap to the Remembering Remy KAL in March that the Knitting Brooklyn podcast is promoting. (Also see the thread in her Ravelry group.)

Aside from the above, I have embarked on a podcast adventure. As a knitting/fiber podcast junkie (long commute -- need to listen to something other than my bad singing), you are likely always on the lookout for new podcasts. There are several new ones that have appeared on the scene, including...

drum roll...

Yes, that's me, podcasting from my little camper in back of my house. I was a bit shy about letting you know about this, in case I sounded like a complete dork or decided this wasn't my thing. However, having a little bit of positive feedback and not a "this is dorky" comment (immediate family's commentary aside) among any of it, I've decided to let you know. I have 6 episodes up and will try to get #7 up today.

I have more, but this post is running a bit long, so I'll close. I hope 2012 has been good to you so far!

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magnoliasntea said...

Oh cool, the podcasts sound great. Love the name and the fact that you are broadcasting from your happy camper. :) Next time I'm online I'll try to remember to bring my mp3 so's I can download nifty. Your voice is just right, and down-home atmosphere is comfy. Wish you many listeners! Have a great week!