Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eat Cake (oh how I wish)

This year, I have attempted to give up two things that I dearly love for Lent: sugar and Facebook. I know that Lent sacrifices are meant to make us lean more on God during times of temptation, but I have a tendency to just whine instead (guess that's the human in me?). Thanks be to God that He knows I am a work in progress.

Since I'm not eating sugar, I decided to read about it instead. This was a delightful, quick read, and my second Jeanne Ray book. It inspired me to drag out my recipe box and find my grandmother's German Chocolate Cake recipe (the best German Chocolate Cake in the world). I just might have to make this for Easter weekend.

The first Jeanne Ray book I read was Julie and Romeo.
There's just something about the women in these books with which I can identify (or, probably to be more accurate, about which I fantasize). Maybe it's because they are in mid-life and the are forced into taking new paths that ultimately are better paths. Maybe it's because the author is a Nashville gal, as am I (sort of). Who knows why? They're just good reads.