Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

With these bouncing temperatures here in good ol' Tennessee (60s yesterday, 20s today), maybe I could learn to love headwear. This is the Calorimetry I made as a gift, but thought it was too bulky. When I tried it on again, I kinda liked it. What do you think? (Honestly?)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy dazy weekend

We've had such a laid back, lazy weekend. I haven't been away from the house since I pulled in the driveway on Friday night. My husband and oldest daughter were sick, and I wasn't feeling too well myself, so we just laid around most of the time.

I knit and knit and knit and knit. I made another Calorimetry -- this one out of some leftover Bernat Boucle that I've had forever. The resulting fabric is very pretty, but it's just too thick for a headband. I'll probably end up frogging it, but it was fun working it.

Then I made another smaller Calorimetry with some Sassy Stripes I've had for about 3 years. It was too tight for me, but made a perfect neck warmer for Sammy (who has suddenly become camera-shy).

Then I couldn't leave Rosco out of the fun. I made him a kerchief out of discloth cotton. He's not quite sure if he's the accessorizing type yet.

And, finally, I started some socks with this gorgeous Wildfoote that I bought at the cutest little yarn shop in Gatlinburg back in the fall. These are for me!

Felting is so much fun!

As I posted previously, I finished my French Market Bag. Here it is pre-felting:

and post-felting:

I just love it. I'm very very very late jumping on the felting bandwagon. My knitting pal Liana has been doing this stuff forever. But, better late than never.

I'll definitely be doing more of this.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How is 2008 so far?

We're more than half-way done with the first month of the new year. Christmas is done, down, packed up, and put away for another year. The turning over of the calendar has brought a yearning for positive change. Instead of trying to follow resolutions this year, I've begun to make small adjustments here and there. First and foremost, I am spending more time with God -- reading, listening, thanking Him, resting in Him. My Sunday night Bible study group has started Dee Brestin's study A Woman of Moderation to change our poor eating habits. Secondly, I am really listening to my family and friends -- trying to tune in to what they are saying, needing. Thirdly, I am decluttering my life using the "If you don't love it, toss it" philosophy -- paring down the schedule, ridding my house of unused items, unsubsribing to e-mail lists, throwing away junk mail and catalogs as soon as they arrive.

With all that said, I have taken a selfish turn in my knitting. I am determined to knit myself some things this year. So far I have knit a pair of fingerless mitts (my own design, I am proud to say) -

I am working on a lace scarf and am 2/3 done with my first French Market Bag.

My knitting pal, Liana, keeps me inspired to try new things - thanks girl! I have been considering the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for a while, after hearing about them from Brenda at Cast-on and Jenny and Nicole at Stash and Burn. Liana is planning to embark on a pair, and I think I may as well.

I finished 2 pair of baby mitts for the new nephew. The first pair were my own design.

The second I made from a charity pattern I found on the web that I modified a little. The body of the mitt I did in stockinette instead of seed stitch. And I made a 2-stitch I-cord in place of the ribbon.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year (a little late)

I'm a little late with a Happy New Year post, but with good reason. We had a very special Christmas gift this year - our baby nephew came a little early - on Christmas day! We are all very glad to meet him, and his Aunt Nan (that's me) has been busy knitting him some little mitts to keep him from mauling his sweet little face.

We spent the weekend before Christmas visiting family - both sides. It was great to see everyone. It is sad that we all are so busy with our day to day lives that a year or more sometimes slips by before we come back together. This was our first Christmas without my mother-in-law and without my grandmother. They are missed.

Ah, but a new year brings hope for new beginnings. I hope to:

*continue in my ever-growing relationship with Christ
*work on my priorities - putting my husband and kids before my work, my friends, myself
*do a better job of reflecing His light
*continue with charity knitting, but also make a few things for me
*shed some of these 50 (did I really say 50?) excess pounds

Happy New Year and Many Happy Stitches!