Sunday, January 27, 2008

Felting is so much fun!

As I posted previously, I finished my French Market Bag. Here it is pre-felting:

and post-felting:

I just love it. I'm very very very late jumping on the felting bandwagon. My knitting pal Liana has been doing this stuff forever. But, better late than never.

I'll definitely be doing more of this.


Elle said...

LeAnn, I LOVE the bag, it looks awesome!!! You have inspired me to try one, can I do it in one color??

Also, I have the yarn for our KAL, the Fiber Trends Felted clogs. I can't wait to get started.

cindybmw2004 said...

I love the bag. I knitted 2 of them, but I must have done something wrong.....they didn't come out looking like they were supposed to. Actually, I ended up throwing them away....did you do exactly like the directions or is there a secret I missed? LOL

LeAnn said...

I knit the handles quite a bit longer than the directions, once I made it to the color change. I don't know if my gauge was off or what, but, per the directions, the handles were several inches shorter than the prescribed measurements.

I want to do a bigger bag next time so I can fit more junk in it. This one is perfect for a sock-knitting bag.