Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blogfading, podfading, but never knitfading

Hey!  Anyone still out there?  I know I have podfaded since last fall, and blogfaded since last February, but things were just spinning out of control and I had to let something go. I hope to pick up the podcast again, but it will be awhile, so I thought I'd put up a blogpost. 
While I've been away, I've been knitting and knitting and knitting!  Here are a few things, as most never get around to being photographed and posted to Ravelry (although I am always on Facebook -- an addiction about as bad as my fiber addiction).  Here are a few projects:
This is the Frisson made from Frolicking Feet sock yarn by Done Roving. The colorway is Apple Pickin. Not my typical color choices -- greens and golds - but I'm very happy with the result.
Been working up some socks (again, totally out of character for me) -- here are a few (but, yes, I made more):

I decided to do a KAL, which I've only tried once before.  This is the Maggie Fangmann's 2015 Afghan KAL.  I really enjoyed January.  I'm finding February quite a challenge.  My cabling is so tight, I'm not sure it will block out.  Might be reworking February, but I'm going to plow ahead for now.

Finally, having been iced-in for most of the last week, I did some deep stash-diving and surfaced with this Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in the Firecracker colorway that I had purchased at Stitches South three years ago.  I cast on the  Starshower cowl and am on the last section as of today.  I'm hoping to finish this weekend and get it blocked.  

So, no worries.  I haven't lost my passion for all things fiber.  I did lose my mojo during November and December, but don't we all lose it a bit with all the holiday prep?  Anyway...hope to talk to you soon.

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captainhook said...

Hey, welcome back to blogging! Great to see all your fun projects and your smiling face!