Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stitches South 2011

Last week, I took 2 days of vacation to travel to Atlanta with TNKnitter for my first Stitches event ever - Stitches South. Was it worth it? Most definitely! Would I go again? Well, just check the updated countdown at the top of my blog. hehehe

After spending 4 days and going $100 over-budget, I would like to introduce you to my latest stash enhancements (notice the unintended pink theme):


I bought 2 keyrings and a pair of earrings from Sassafras Creations -- made from recycled knitting needles. There are 6 balls of Ironstone Sky from Fiesta Yarns. I actually bought 8 and immediately knit the pink ones into my version of the Baktus -- and wore it to the Market the next day:


The big ball of Muppet fur was purchased, along with the matching HUGE hank of rayon, after some excellent salesmanship on the part of the vendor and a bit of coercion by TNKnitter. It reminds me a bit of Animal.

I also purchased 3 hanks of Mica from Berroco, 2 hand-dyed hanks of sport weight from Creatively Dyed and 4 hanks of gorgeous art yarn from Jazz Turtle Creations - one of which I promptly whipped up into another scarf before we made the return trip home and another I turned into a belt when I got home Sunday evening (as if I hadn't had enough of knitting by then - NEVER gonna happen).


The PJ party in the lobby of the hotel was a hoot. The Gwen Bortner class I took was great. Dinner each evening at ToscaBlu in the hotel with TNKnitter and 2 new friends from Colorado was wonderful.

Despite 2 tornado warnings while we were there, it was all-in-all a terrific trip. I'm saving my pennies for the next one.

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