Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Relocate?

I just discovered that I live in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity, that is. This picture came my way via Robin's blogpost @ The Knittin Coop who found it on Juniper Moon's blog.

The Triangle in which I live is encompassed by Facebook, Ravelry, and (dare I say it?) knitting. I'm thinking it might be time to relocate. But I won't move too far away. Maybe just a bit outside the Triangle's boundary lines.

What's makes up your triangle?

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magnoliasntea said...

Land sakes! I feel like one of those people who miss their plane just to find out later that it crashed on takeoff...o.O I can't sign into rav on my phone & I gave up facebook months ago. Still knitting, but that's limited now between spreading sheetrock filler & cleaning out the chicken coop, lol. Scare-y for you, though, ain't it....