Sunday, January 23, 2011

Attack of the Shawl Collar

I am proud to post that I am done knitting my Nimbus. All the ends have been woven in and it's ready to be blocked.

(Well. . .almost.)

I am not so proud to post that I sewed the garter stitch shawl collar on backwards.


Further, I am not so proud to post that, in picking out what I thought was the collar seam, I used the wrong tail and unraveled several stitches of the collar itself. The result? I had to frog about 5 rows.


(I am just grateful that I don't have to re-knit the entire collar.)

Now, the dreaded collar has been separated from the rest of the sweater, the live stitches placed back on the needles, and the re-knitting and re-seaming can commence.

Did I mention that after 7 skeins of Peruvia Quick and hours of work I am beginning to think will not look good on me at all?


1 comment:

Elle said...

It's cursed already and you haven't even wornn it? I bet it's going to look adorable!!

I looked at your tickers........only 2 months left before Stitches? I had better get my homework done. That year Chris went with me, she was doing her homework in the car. Lisa's back in by the way.