Monday, November 22, 2010

When Good Knitting Goes Wrong

So, I wanted a Christmas hat to wear to a party my church is having for a small town in Appalachia in a couple of weeks. I've had this yarn hibernating in my stash for about a year -- not really my color and not my favorite weight (worsted), but in the spirit of waste not, want not, I went with it. I found this pattern on Raverly - The Guinan - and thought it was kind of cute.

How many ways can one hat go wrong?

#1 - The This-Hat-Must-Have-Been-Knit-For-One-Gargantuan-Head Look (and I must educate my photographer daughter in how to photograph from above so as to minimize the appearance of any multiple chinnage in the future.)

#2 The Star-Trek-Whoopi-Turban Look

(I have better eyebrows, or should I say, I have eyebrows.)

#3 The IHOP Special - please pass the syrup

#4 The Scottish Emo Look - now where did I put that kilt?

#5 And, finally, are those cat ears?

No. It's just that it's Monday and I can be evil if I want.


Elle said...

You have to admit, it is quite versatile. I hope you do wear it to your party. :-)

Christina said...

You're killing me. I love this hat...worth every stitch for all the fun you have had.