Sunday, June 06, 2010

I've laid aside my morning knitting these last couple of weeks to play in the flowers. Before I had kids, and before I spent my free time tangle up in various bits of yarn, I was quite the avid flower gardener. (Sadly, vegetable gardening has just never sparked much excitement.)

Here are just a few shots from around my house:

Don't you just love an unopened rosebud? It's full of such promise. This bush was started by my mother, from a bush her grandmother started, from her great grandmother's bush. Thanks, mom!

A beauty of a star flower just getting it's start.

A batch of yellow daylilies that my dear departed mother-in-law gave me some years back. (I miss you, Hazel.)

Lantana - always a summertime favorite at my house.

Now on to my pet yarn project of the moment...I'm making the Fair Bianca from Tahki Yarn's Garden Variety booklet in black Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima.

The pattern is so easy and the yarn is such a delight (very soft and silky feel to it) that the project is clipping along at a very nice pace. I have both sleeves done and am about 1/3 up the back.


Elle said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! The Bianca is coming right along too. I love flowers and would like to take the time to grow them, but then DH would complain about having to weed eat around them. :-)

magnoliasntea said...

Oh, I love flowers! This is a great post. I've never grown lantana. Yours is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the fair Bianca finished.

stringsofpurls said...

Pretty flowers! I left you a present today on my blog!

Chasity said...

Hi. I'm a new follower via Strings of Purls.