Sunday, January 03, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

OK, folks. When I tell people I love winter, I mean the 30-ish degree winters we are used to in the Middle Tennessee area. It's 15 stinkin' degrees outside right now! What? I am not prepared for this! Last year, in a fit of declutteritis, I donated my heavy coat that had not been worn in about 5 years. The girls, deciding that their coats were uncool ("Mom! No one wears pink anymore!"), put theirs in the Goodwill bag too. Only The Man, who breaks out in hives if forced to get rid of anything and is, in fact, the ultimate pack rat (ask me about the 3-legged chair he brought home once), has a warm coat to wear.

Ah well, this too shall pass. Given our fickle weather, it could be 70 degrees here tomorrow. I shall, in the meantime, snuggle into my favorite corner of the couch, with may faithful guardians, Sammy and Rosco, and cast on something new. Perhaps it is time to fashion a mate for that fingerless mitt I made for a friend several months (or could it be more than a year?) ago. Poor little fella:

I am proud to say that I have finished my first project for 2010. This was a free pattern I found thru Ravelry - Susie's Reading Mitts courtesy of Dancing Ewe Yarns. I started them on 12/30 and polished them off last night (1/2). These will go in the mail to my sis-in-law this week. Hope she enjoys them! I may have to make myself a pair.

First, I'll have to buy some new dpns. I had about 1/2 inch of the hand to do and the thumb still unknit, when 2 of my #4 dpns fell into the crevice between the couch cushions -- the attached couch cushions. When I was feeling around in the cracks with my hand, the needles worked their way into a much smaller crevice in the couch frame, never to be heard from again. @$&*(#*&@! I rummaged thru my stash of circulars and found a set of #3.5s. I was able to finish off last little bit of knitting with those, knitting a bit more loosely than normal. Crisis averted! Mitts were saved from the dreaded Abyss (bottom of the knitting basket).

I hope y'all have a wonderful new year full of lots of fibery goodness, many blessings, and a life abundant!

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magnoliasntea said...

Those mitts are really cute! Good job, especially since you lost needles in the sofa abyss.

I agree; this weather is unthinkable. ;)