Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Podcasts, anyone?

I made the mistake of mentioning to my brother that I love to listen to knitting podcasts. He said "What's to listen to? The sound of metal sticks hitting each other? Ooh, that sounds like socks." What a smart @$$.

But, it gave me the idea for this blogpost. Here are a few that I listen to on my 40 minute commute to work.

Stash and Burn - Nicole and Jenny have inspired me when my knitting mojo was MIA. They are creative, funny, and I look forward to every new episode.

The Knitmore Girls - Gigi and Jasmine are a mother and daughter duo that have lots of good information. Gigi is a delight with her "Mother Knows Best" segment. And you never know what to expect from her Magenta-headed daughter.

cogKNITive - This is a new one for me. Dr. Gemma is a prison psychologist who records her podcasts in her car during her commute. Her insights into psychology combined with her knitting stories are a good listen.

CraftLit - CraftLit is also one I'm just now trying on for size. Heather Ordover is reading The Scarlet Letter right now. I'll let you know if I stick with this one. She has a nice voice and her podcasts have good sound quality.

Cast On - This was one of my favorites for a long time. Unfortunately for us, Brenda Dayne doesn't release new episodes as frequently or as regularly as she used to. And I miss the stories she used to tell herself. She has such a wonderful voice and paints such vivid word pictures.

Anyone else out there have some favorites they'd like to share? Those of us with long commutes would appreciate anything new to keep us entertained as we fly down the interstate.


magnoliasntea said...

There you are! Good to see you post, again!

I've never listened to a podcast. It's true, I'm so not with it. I might just check into that though. Thanks for the links.

A cruise! Oh, I hope you find a just-right pattern for your wrap. Cool.

I had no idea fuchsias were called ladies' eardrops..thanks for the info.

LeAnn said...

Tea - thanks for the comment. I have been severely remiss in posting - been working on that darn Bella til my fingers hurt. But it's nice to be missed.

Anonymous said...

I listen to a gazillion podcasts, knitting and otherwise! Some of my knitting favorites are Brown Eyed Mom, Stitch It, Knit Naturally, Knittingatnight, She Knits, and Sticks and String.

LeAnn said...

Eileen - thanks for the suggestions. I'll check those out.

Jasmin said...

Thanks for the review! :)

I'm also a big fan of Stitch-it. Meghan is cute as a button!