Friday, March 13, 2009

Sock it to me

It seems I've caught the sock bug. After I finished the Vomit Socks , I realized how much I love the feel of custom fit socks.

So I made a pair out of San Diego Yarn self-striping, which, after another crass comment from D#1, I have dubbed the Vomit Socks - Take Two. Although I did these in straight stockinette, the self-striping pattern kept me going. I'm not sure how well these socks will wear in the long-run. They seem a little pilly after just a few wearings. Maybe the fabric is just blooming a bit. I'll update after a few more wearings and washings.

Last week, I finished my Corny Toes from Maizy yarn in Night Shades. I love the socks and the feel, but this yarn was a pain to work with - very splitty. I'll let you know how they wear.
The next pair will be out of the Wildfoote I bought at Smoky Mountain Spinnery two years ago. I frogged the Crusoe sock that I had done in this because it was just too big.

Waiting in the wings are the following sock yarns:

Cascade Heritage - bought last fall at Smoky Mountain Spinnery.

Kroy in off-white. I bought this on clearance at Michael's for $2.49 a ball. How could I possibly pass that up?

Koigu - Wow! Did you know how expensive this stuff is? I had a gift cerificate left over from Christmas, so I splurged.

I'm thinking of making this instead of socks with the Koigu (but I'll need more):
Swirl Shawl

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