Sunday, September 14, 2008

Procrastination, Vexation, Irritation, Excavation, Fumigation

Good morning. Here I sit with 5 hours before I have to leave to pick up my daughter's friends for her birthday party, and what am I doing? Why, blogging, of course! Makes perfect sense to me. If I am staring at the screen, I don't have to look around and see all that I still have to do.

But then, I look up and . . . yikes! My knitting has taken over my dining table. I still need to vacuum the living room, sweep the kitchen, and give the bathroom a once-over. I am in the middle of a week's work of laundry. I am still in my nightshirt and in need of a shower. (TMI?)

And now I'm just plain irritated. If I have to pick up one more pair of shoes or socks that my H, D#1, D#2 leaves in the middle of the floor, I think I'm gonna have a "come apart" -- don't you love that that very Tennessee phrase -- very descriptive.

So, in a few minutes, I'll begin the excavation of the living room and the dining table.

Hopefully, once I see what's under all the clutter, there will be no need for fumigation.

Wish me luck today. These things usually end up collapsing together at the last minute and everything turns out fine. Any other procrastinators out there?

BTW - I did work on D#2's afghan a little this morning. Her actual birthday is Wednesday and I'd love to have this done by then. So I am a little productive while I'm procrastinating.

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