Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thinking, praying, pouting

Sometimes, life just stinks. This has been, and still is, a hard year for so many people I know:

  • One of my best friends lost her mother a couple of months ago.
  • A fellow Dominican Republic mission teammate lost her fight with cancer last month.
  • 3 work friends are fighting serious health battles, one of which, a vibrant, sweet man in his thirties, was moved to hospice yesterday.
  • Many of my girlfriends in my Bible study group have lots of "junk" going on in their lives - illness, family stuff, work stuff.

My heart is heavy this morning thinking and praying about my friends and their loved ones who are suffering right along with them. I know that God has a plan and that he works all things for good, but I don't have to like the process.

But, in the next moment, I realize all the ways in which He has blessed me -- family, friends, work, faith, shelter, food, health. Who am I to question or pout about His plans? Who am I? One of His children living in this fallen world. He understands.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leann...Just found your blog site. How thrilling to discover you are a fellow lover of God's Word. So sorry to read of the troubles your friends and so in turn you are experiencing. I find troubles to be troublesome because I just want to know RIGHT NOW God's plan and big picture for the situation. Patience is definitely not one of my blaring qualities. Let me know if you have time to meet and chat...the coffee shop across the street from me is perfect for such...knitting I know would be welcome..Alison ###-3004

LeAnn said...

Hi Alison -- How'd you stumble across my blog? Are you a knitter too? Thanks for your comments. I'm not very good at patience either, but He's working on me. I'd love to meet sometime. I've wanted to try out that coffee shop (and I hear they have terrific scones). Send me an e-mail and we'll get together - TNgardengirl at comcast dot net