Friday, August 01, 2008

July gone already?

It's so hard to believe that July is over and it's time for the kids to go back to school. Where did the summer go? Last night, I took the girls out for school supply shopping. Today starts the beginning of Tennessee's Sales Tax Holiday weekend for clothing and back to school items, but I decided that whatever $ I might save, would NOT be worth the pain and suffering. Can you imagine how crazy the stores are going to be. As of last night, there were already items on our list that were hard to find or not found at all.

I have done quite a bit of knitting this last month. I'm still working on the After Dark Robe from Mason Dixon in an emerald green bamboo. It feels WONDERFUL, but it's a slow go. I've finished most of the back and am working on the seed stitch border for the neck.
I made a tank top for myself out of Royal Bamboo in a nice colorway of ocean blues. I've frogged the neck and shoulders a couple of times and decided to lengthen the shoulder straps. Boy was that a mistake. I have heard that bamboo tends to "grow" but this is crazy! I'm going to have to frog the neck and shoulders again and go back to the original pattern measurements.

My bud, Liana, has inspired me to try a baby sweater. She's always making the cutest little baby items - bonnets, sweaters, stuffed animals. Me? I seem to pick out projects that take a lifetime to get through. But, back on topic, this little sweater is my first foray into fair isle. It is a VERY simple border around the bottom and the sleeves. I think it's going to be just a little cutie pie.

Liana finished her Clapotis, which, I must say, is very impressive. She has already gotten so much use out of The Clap, as she likes to call it :) that I think I may have to try something similar. She uses hers as a wrap. I'm thinking of something in black with maybe some varying widths of dropped stitch rows. Mine is still forming in my head, but, once again, thanks Liana for the inspiration!


magnoliasntea said...

I can't believe it's August, either!

Oh, you have really been clickin' those needles! The robe looks great so far..looks like it's going to have good drape. I've never used bamboo yarn; guess I need to try some.

I'm enthralled with the little punkin sweater! Your fair isle looks perfect!

Elle said...

Hard to believe August is already here. Your Fair Isle sweater turned out beautifully and I can't wait until your robe is done, it's going to be fabulous. I'm glad I can provide some inspiration and yes, I do like short-term projects, especially after that cotton bathrobe I finished. whew!
See you at the library on Monday.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi LeAnn,
You asked about my reference to being in knitting timeout. Two months ago I developed tennis elbow in my right arm. I continued knitting, anyway, & it started in my left arm, so I'm not knitting until it's better, that is, until the dishrag tag box arrives. After all, I can't let the team down. ;) Go Cotton Queens!!
Are you playing Dishrag Tag this year?